Elgin Watch Parts

The intent of this web site is to provide you with the information required to help find your parts for your collectable Elgin Watch.

Enter Grade Number

By entering in the Grade number of your watch and clicking the Lookup Button the system will search the database
and display Elginís Genuine Material System Part Description and Number for each part of the particular Grade.
No Parts of Plates are Listed.
You will also be able to perform a cross reference search for parts to determine what other grades utilizes that part.

If you do not know your Grade

Select the following website. By entering your movement's serial number it will provide you with the grade and a wealth of other information about your movement.
This is very well done.

If your Grade was not found email me with your grade number and I will get it in as well as let you know as soon as I can.

Clint Kleen

The information for this Database came from
Elgin Watch Materials Catalog Effective September 15, 1950

Illustrations of the movements were obtained from the
Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements By The E. & J. Swigart Co. Cincinnati, Ohio Copyright 1952

As time, money and energy permit, I will continue to update the database and add bling-bling.